# Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Despite all the doom and gloom surrounding the pending credit crunch, we're hiring as work is piling in and we need help :). So if you're a developer, designer, sales person, marketing guru -or you're just plain bored check out The Site Doctor's vacancies page for the great posts currently up for grabs!

Not sure why you should come and work with us? There are way too many reasons to list in one go but here are my top 5:

  • You'll have a great boss (ok I'm a touch biased)
  • We have 20% time (every Friday we down tools and do something cool -that doesn't relate to the main projects you're working on at the time -more about that another day)
  • We're committed to your development and will fund courses etc
  • There are bonuses to be had for referrals and working hard!
  • You get your Birthday as an additional bank holiday so you never need to worry about booking it off again!

Oh and there's free Tea and Coffee -so I guess that's 6 reasons to get in touch.

For more information about the posts available (more being added later this week) check out The Site Doctor vacancies page.

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# Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thanks to Gareth and The Register for this one, it had me laughing for a good long while.

After the last design debacle (the London Olympics 2012) logo, you would have thought someone would have thought carefully before making the image public but here's the latest logo for the UK's Office of Government Commerce (OGC):

Other than being just plain boring it's ok right? Yeah, I thought so too until I was told to rotate it 90 degrees clockwise...

Brilliant! I'm still laughing!

Just goes to show (once again) that going with a large digital agency to create your brand identity isn't necessarily a good idea...

Having just rebranded Avant Garde hair salons (see the new logo here), I'm now checking our design. Nope all looks good so it's "Big Guys" 2 - "Little Guys" 0

Can't wait to see what the next government logo is...

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# Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Since re-installing my main development machine recently, I've had a real irritation -I had to resort to SQL Server Management Studio Express as I couldn't get the full version installed. This wasn't a problem until today when I had to re-create some full text catalogs (which is one of the things you can't do using the GUI in SQL Server Management Studio Express).

I did look into getting this working before giving up before due to time constraints but this time I had no choice but this time I must have done something differently.

Just to bring you up-to speed, whenever I tried to install SQL Server Management Studio using the SQL Server 2005 installer, I got an error message something along the lines of "Edition Version Conflict". The installer then suggests you uninstall the express tools (which you do) and you try again just to get the same error message.

Most people on Google are just resorting to a complete re-install of your machine but I've found that's because you're not uninstalling the right thing. First thing I did this time was remove Microsoft SQL Server 2005 completely but near the end of the installer it asks you if you want to remove or modify. This time, I chose modify and set all the components to "Entire Feature will be Unavailable". That then seems to uninstall it fully for you. Now uninstall SQL Server Management Studio Express and you're done :)

Hope that helps someone else (or me in a few months time...)

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