# Friday, June 09, 2006

Ok, The Site Doctor has moved on a fair amount since I started it up, we started off with a somewhat techy design (Version 1) which at the time I loved but as time went on felt it was somewhat cheesy so it was replaced with Version 2 in September 2004 and this has remained the face of The Site Doctor ever since. It’s a nice site but as far as the code quality is concerned it’s terrible, not to mention to SEO issues (to say the least!)

Site Design 1

Site Design 2

Site Design 3?

In the past both designs were tabular based and didn’t care too much for accessibility standards which are now at the fore-front of our minds so we felt it was once again time for a change, but what to do? Although I dabble and with enough time I can come up with some snazzy designs, this time I felt it was necessary to have someone “in the know” to put something together for us.

Mike from Butterfly Media stepped up to the mark with some great concepts, the current design he’s finalising for us is based on the following concepts (click the image to see the next example image): The New TSD design

Watch this space for an update in the next few weeks. I hope to have the final TSD design live shortly after I return from holiday along with a few other, well, niceties :-)

I'd be interested to hear other people's thoughts on the new design

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# Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ok, for those of you who know me you'll know that when I first setup The Site Doctor I had a few goals, one of the main goals was to get a Mazda RX-8, well it's finally happened!

A little background/history:

When I first moved upto the West Midlands I started working at the University Hospital of Birmingham (UHB) as the Theatre Systems information manager (or something like that). Just before I left, I was leaving work with a friend (and colleague) Stuart Day when we walk past a car that had the most unbelievable presence, it looked like it was growling, coiled -ready to pounce. It was fantastic. With no idea of what it was or how much it would cost I said that it was going onto my list of goals.

A few days later we confirmed that it was a new Coupe from Mazda called the RX-8 and so the obsession began. It's been less than two years (only just!) but this weekend I went and ordered it and for those of you who still don't beleive me, I've scanned in the receipt (with my name on it ;-))

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# Friday, May 19, 2006

So today we booked our first real holiday in about 3 years. We had planned to pop over to Cuba for a couple of weeks for my birthday as it's somewhere that caught Stacey's eye a while ago. The problem is, in Cuba July is hurricane season so when we told the travel agent that we were thinking of Cuba her face was comical. Straight away -without even letting us explain why she was advising against it and asking to know where else we'd been thinking of. We mentioned Thailand and although it's the rainy season in July she assured us that it would be far better than Cuba for a chill-out holiday.

After what seemed like an age of looking for a suitable deal on hotel, flights and everything else we managed to find a good deal and so we're off to Thailand on July 8th. I'm really looking forward to it even if I am muttering about the RX-8 more. We're flying over to Bangkok on the 8th and driving straight to Hua Hin where we're staying for 10days in the Hilton. Then we're going back to Bangkok for 3 days before returning to the UK on Friday 21st.

Photos of the hotel in Hua Hin can be viewed at: the Hilton Website or Marriott Bangkok Website.

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